Inyati Powder 500G


Inyati Powder 500G is revolutionary acidifying agent/buffer for use in spraying water.

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Its uniqueness lies in the fact that:

  • It is in powder form and formulated specially to address bicarbonates in solutions.
  • It eliminates the transport of large volumes of water as for liquid buffers.
  • It can be used for all spray applications of crop protection and nutrition that require a low pH.
  • It is especially effective with glyphosate as the pH must be as close as possible to 4 since it is a derivative of phosphoric acid. For this reason, all divalent cations should be effectively removed from the solution to keep the anionic phosphate portion of the glyphosate active. This ensures optimal efficiency of the active in the chemical product, used. We at Sunkeer condemns the use of glyphosate as its direct link to forming cancer and killing our microbes. We know that the use of glyphosate are still widely use therefore at lease by this method we are able to reduce the use of this herbicide.



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