Gliomax – 5L


ETP – 1.5㎍/ml, K – 9g/l, P – 9g/l, Mn – 0.3g/l, Cu – 0.3g/l   Kelp extract

Application glio 1-2 L/ ha /1000L

We recommend the use of Inyati Powder 500G / 1000l of water mix. This brings the  Ph down, and helps as spreader and sticker of the foliage application. All foliage applications must be done in the cool of the day early in the morning or late afternoon.


Gliomax: Early part of the season where root development and/or regrowth is important.

Glio-range  is a unique enzyme product to enhance plant promulgation through the enzymatic system to ensure optimal metabolic rates even in conditions of “natural” or external stress factors. This leads to growth vitality that enhances health and natural pathogen resistance for all crops.

The enzyme Epipolythiodioperazine or ETP is a naturally occurring enzyme. Through modern farming techniques and use of especially fungicides, the organisms that produce ETP has current populations that is not big enough to ensure proper plant available levels in nature. For this reason, it is produced in controlled environment to ensure high potency and efficiency. It is applied as foliar spray and is compatible within plant nutrients, existing foliar feeds, COA-range of products, Complex Super C. The Glio-range of products is not harmful, non-toxic, and occurring metabolites by itself or with added enzymes and/or minerals.

The Glio range consist of natural metabolites. Metabolites is catalyst/activators that manages the energy curve of the plant optimally during its growth cycle. It also translates to a metabolic rate at optimum levels throughout the growth cycle. During a plant’s growing cycle there is there is different milestones where the demand for energy is greater than the reserves available, this situation leads to so called metabolic stress. This occurs in cereals at initiation and when switching from vegetative to reproductive/generative. With vegetables, perennials, and trees it occurs at blooming, cell division and fruit fill.

If this unique energy requirement is not fulfilled, the plant can experience an “energy crisis”. This is so called metabolic stress. The probability for pathogens and insect attacks increases, because of the lack of available energy to drive the enzymatic/hormones system in the plant.

With the addition of an excellent natural organic metabolite like a member of the Gliorange, the plant’s energy curve is put back in balance.

This more balanced metabolism has the following biological effect in the plant and can be even more effective with the availability of functional Carbon (-COOH) and Ca:

  • increased enzyme activation for metabolic changes and nutrient uptake.
  • due to the above mentioned, increase in hormone activity
  • continuous regrowth of root hairs (NB for optimal Ca uptake in plants)
  • increased concentration of plant sugars/nutrients (Brix)
  • increase in balance of absesenic acid and increase in plant sap conductivity (EC)
  • increased photosynthesis activity
  • optimal balance between photosynthesis and respiration


Due to these changes in the plant’ metabolism, there is a substantial increase in glycose, sugar, starch, and amino acid production. This is excellent conditions for optimal blooming, fruiting and therefore improved yield and ultimate increased shelf life.


1-2l/ha per application as foliar and up to 5l/ha through the growing season can be used with Complex Super Ca and COA Foliar for optimal results also compatible with most Insecticides, Fungicides. Do not use in combination with copper (Cu)





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