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(100% fish hydrolysate) 20l R50/l

Species: Various Liquid fish protein

  • Clear brown fluid
  • Suitable for organic farming
  • Growth enhancer for edible and non-edible crops
  • Liquid extracted through enzymatic hydrolysis

The product contains fish fibre serving as fertilizer carrier. The fibres staging between the soil particles and do not leach out like chemical fertilizer. Soil and foliar application as a foliar it is immediately taken UP by the leaves with fast results.

 As a soil application it is an ideal organism feeder recovering Nitrogen from the air and soil, Phosphate from locked up soil sources and other micronutrients as plant feed.

Our fish consist mainly of proteins which contain the most important amino acids and peptide, as well as important vitamins like B1 and B2. The oils wish is breaking Down serve as a bacterial feed.

Our fish Hydrolysate increases the sucrose’s content, thereby lifting the plants brix levels, making the plants more indigestible to harmful insects.

A balanced and sufficient microorganism community can revive soil aeration UP to 25%, water holding UP to 25%, C – and pH balance.






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1 Liter, 1000L Flowbin, 20 Liters, 5 Liter


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