Copper Soap 25L


Reg No. L7064 Act 36 of 1947 Natural organic Fungicide contains ammoniated soap of fatty acid


(use only as directed) Shake well before use. This product may be used both indoors and outdoors.Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system. Read and follow all applicable directions and precautions on the label of other products, before mixing them with COPPER SOAP. Pour COPPER SOAP into spray tank at least half filled with water using adequate agitation.

COPPER SOAP is compatible with most used insecticides and fungicides, however physical compatibility should first be checked by using the current proportion of products in a small jar test. Do not mix COPPER SOAP with oil when applied to citrus.

Do not mix COPPER SOAP with chelated or liquid fertilizers. Do not apply in temperatures above 30ºC. A spreader may be used to improve spreading on hard-to-wet plants. COPPER SOAP can be applied up to hte day of harvest. CROPDISEASEDOSAGE / 100ℓ water


Flowers, Tomatoes, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Early Blight 500 mℓ – 1ℓ per 100 ℓ water 1ℓ – 2ℓ per 100 ℓ water .Ensure thorough wetting of plant. Use higher rate under high infections. Apply every 7 – 10 days, depending on weather conditions favorable for the disease. Re-apply after rainfall.Established infestations will require more than 1 application. COPPER SOAP: Reg No. L7064 Act 36 of 1947 Natural organic Fungicide contains ammoniated soap of fatty acid.

Although this remedy has been extensively tested under a large variety of conditions, the registration holder does not warrant that it will be efficacious under all conditions because the action and effect thereof may be affected by factors such as abnormal climatic and storage conditions, soil moisture, quality of dilution water, compatibility with other substances not indicated on the label and the occurrence of resistance of a pest against the remedy concerned as well as by the method, time and accuracy of application.  The registration holder furthermore does not accept responsibility for damage to crops, vegetation, the environment or harm to man or animal or for lack of performance of the remedy concerned due to failure of the user to follow the label instructions or to the occurrence of conditions which could not have been foreseen in terms of the registration.  Consult the supplier in the event of any uncertainty.


Contains Copper Octanoate

OMRI NOP 205.206(e)

Natural organic fungicide. For the preventative control of fungal diseases. Biodegradable

This product is a patented, fixed copper fungicide, made by combining a soluble copper fertilizer with a naturally occurring fatty acid.  The copper and the fatty acid combine to form a copper salt of the fatty acid, known technically as soap.

The copper soap fungicide controls many common diseases using low concentrations of copper, down as low as 90 ppm.  The net result is an excellent vegetable, fruit, and ornamental fungicide.  It decomposes to form soluble copper, and fatty acid, both of which can be used by microbes and plants.

The copper soap is suited for use in domestic circumstances, both indoors and outdoors.  This product controls diseases of a wide range of plants, including many vegetable, fruit and ornamentals.  As with most fungicides it acts to protect plants from infection.  Therefore, it is important to have the copper soap on the leaf, flower or fruit before the pathogen is able to cause an infection.  This product will control fungal diseases such as: powdery mildew and downy mildew on vegetables and ornamentals, rust on ornamentals, late blight on potatoes and tomatoes, and Peronospora and downy mildew on grapes APPROVED FOR CERTIFIED ORGANIC



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