Complex Super Mn 5L


A unique Mn plant nutrient blend specifically formulated to prevent and correct Mn deficiencies in crops that can have adverse effect on growth and yield. Immediately plant available through secondary metabolite chelation and can be applied as part of a specific plant spray program, or as a standalone product.

– Manganese  is required for photolysis which stars the chemistry of photosynthesis. Mn is essential for 35 enzymes required for phytoalexins hydrogen peroxide the shikimate pathway, lignin and sucrose synthesis making it very in portend to protect plants against pathogens.  

Superoxide dismutases for countering oxidative stress and it is required to produce fatty acids needed to make the wax layer  on the leave and stem. Weakening of this layer of protective coating increases susceptibility to head . Complex Super Mn may be used in foliage application at a rate of between 250ml -400ml per 100L water.  Expecting  a heat wave in a critically plant physiological stage like flowering and fruit set  use Mn in with Glio grow to prevent heat stress. 

We recommend the use of Inyati Powder 500G / 1000l of water mix. This brings the  Ph down, and helps as spreader and sticker of the foliage application. All foliage applications must be done in the cool of the day early in the morning or late afternoon.



The Complex-range formulations are design to enhance translaminar uptake by plants to ensure high levels of nutrients in the specific parts of the plant. This is achieved by chelation through secondary metabolites.

Amine backbone and carbohydrate side chains, has the ability to bind multiple minerals, and thus has the ability to transport more minerals through the chelated complex and less by means of active diffusion, as in the case of most other natural chelates. This create a better membrane transport system and has specific targeting actions.

As an example: It is it much easier to deliver a high concentration of Ca, which is relatively immobile during diffusion. By means of active diffusion, most of the calcium needed in fruit formation is lost as structural components in cell formation prior to reaching the targeted fruit.

These molecules are used by plants during signal transport, as received via plant hormones and organic acids and are needed during embryogenesis (seed formation) and growth stimulation. As a result of the stimulation of embryogenesis, seed production (Reproduction) or growth stimulation, will be encourage and will stimulate plant and root growth.

Vigorous plant growth and reproduction by maintaining optimal energy in the plant (high Brix, pH and EC in plant sap) is the obtainable result.

All products in the Complex Super-range can be used in growth programmes or on its own depending on the growth stage.

Different growth programmes for specific crops are available on request.

The Complex Super-range are an essential part of Integrated Plant Energy Management (IPEM). This can be achieved by focusing on the following essential plant/crop components:

  • Calcium and its functional components – Calcium Modulated protein – Calmodulin
  • Enzymatic systems
  • Functional and available Carbon (-COOH)
  • It is here where the Complex range plays an important role and comes to the fore.


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