Complex Super Cu 5L


Copper- help building protein, sugar, and is part off the pollination processes, defense systems in plant in stress full circumstances  Complex Super Cu prescription mix may be used in fertigation at a standard app rate of between 1-3l/ha and in foliage application at a rate of between 100-250ml per 100L water. Application at the suggested rate should be applied as per a specific crop program.

We recommend the use of Inyati Powder 500G / 1000l of water mix. This brings the  Ph down, and helps as spreader and sticker of the foliage application. All foliage applications must be done in the cool of the day early in the morning or late afternoon.



A unique Cu plant nutrient blend specifically formulated to prevent and correct Cu deficiencies in crops that can have adverse effect on growth and yield. Immediately plant available through secondary metabolite chelation and can be applied as part of a specific plant spray program, or as a standalone product.


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