Complex Calsul gips 25kg (CaSO4)


(Ca 230g/kg S 140g/kg A unique micronized Ca and Ca/Mg source in carbonate or sulphate form.

Soil application:

4 – 12kg/ha suspended in a min of 200l water


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The product can be used in growth programmes or on its own depending on the growth stage.

Different growth programmes for specific crops are available on request.

COA Fertigation or Complex Root can be added to increase rate of reaction.

Not compatible with pH sensitive products.

The small particle size ensures a complete reactive surface area in the soil. One kg of conventional lime has a reactive surface of ± 365 m2. 2,5kg micro fine Lime/Gypsum (5-15 μm) has a reactive surface of ± 60 000m2.

  • The increased reactive surface area ensures accelerated reaction time and creates a higher electrostatic charge for element/energy transfer.
  • Fast positive change of the Ca:Mg, Acid Saturation and CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity).
  • With the chemical and biological reduction of Calcium Carbonate, the plant nutrient Ca⁺⁺ becomes available.
  • Improved uptake of plant nutrition (Base Saturation).
  • Improved soil structure.
  • Increased moisture penetration and moisture retention.
  • Complex Calsul in combination with COA Fertigation, Complex Root is utilized to lower the Na-levels in soil.





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