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Ideal products to enhance Plant energy

CCM, Complex Calsus, Complex Calsul and Complex Super Ca are the new exciting
products to help farmers manage plant energy.
CCM (CaMgCO3) dolomitic lime enhances mainly the Magnesium concentration in the treated soil zone while adding a little calcium. Complex Calsus (CaCO3) called Calsitic lime, will lift the Ca concentration as well as level the pH in the treated area, Complex Calsul (CaSO4) called gypsum will lower the sodium concentration and up the calcium concentration in the treated area. Complex SuperCa is a revolutionary source of calcium and used as a foliar feed.


CCM, Complex Calsus & Complex Calsul

CCM (Ca..190g/Kg, MG..110g/Kg), Complex Calsus (Ca..400g/Kg, Mg..30g/Kg) and Complex Calsul ( Ca..230g/Kg, S..140g/Kg) consists of ingredients such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and organic matter. CCM and Calsus are ultra-fine micronized Ca/Mg sources in the carbonate form while Calsul is an ultra-fine micronized Calcium source in the Sulphate form. The uniqueness of the products is in the ultra-fineness in which it is provided to the farmer. The average particle size is between 5 – 15μm. The very small particle size ensures an increased reactive surface in the soil. One kilogram of conventional lime with particle size of 1000 μm has a reactive surface area of approximately 365m2 while one kilogram of ultrafine micronized lime (5-15μm) has a reactive surface area of approximately 60,000m2.
• The increased reactive surface ensures an accelerated reaction time and creates a higher electrostatic charge for element / energy transfer.
• Immediate positive change of Ca: Mg and acid saturation and cation exchange coefficient (CEC).
• The plant nutrient Ca ++ becomes available due to the chemical and biological reducing reactions of Ca/Mg carbonate.
• Improved uptake of plant nutrients (basic saturation).
• Improved soil texture and structure.
• Increased moisture penetration and moisture retention.

Application: Prepare a mixture (Suspension) of CCM or Complex CalSus or Complex Calsul in sufficient water to ensure complete coverage of the targeted soil zone. The standard application is 5-12 kg/ha, applied in a minimum of 200 L water/ha.

Complex SuperCa

Complex SuperCa contains calcium, nitrogen (NH2) and a variety of organic acids. The product is a unique source of calcium with a high uptake rate. It is chelated by making use of secondary metabolites. It consists of organic acids, amino acids and sugary organic acids.
Trial results show that most crops have a Ca ++ deficiency throughout the growth cycle that hampers optimal metabolic processes (yield and quality). Correcting these deficiencies is critical to ensure optimal growth cycle in the plant. The product is immediately plant-absorbable, and can be used as part of a specific plant fertigation program or as a loose product.
Application is by fertigation or foliarspray. It is compatible with all plant nutrients except water-soluble phosphates. It contains no NO3-, CL2 – or SO4 –.
As Ca plays such an important role in plant health, sufficient Ca levels will support the following functions:
Play an important role in photosynthesis – ATP and ADP. • Important element for endophytic microbes in the soil.
• Strengthening of cell walls.
• Physical protection against mechanical damage.