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Absolute Neem Oil

It is best suited in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. It enhances the effectiveness of other insecticides in an IPM and the environmental load is reduced.

It is an Unadulterated Cold Pressed Oil that is totally Natural, Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable & Environmentally Friendly. As Absolute Neem Oil has over 200 natural active liminoids, developing resistance to it is impossible.

Plants absorb the actives and become stronger & more resistant to pests as it is systemic and a translaminar. It is a broad-spectrum product that works on numerous pests & fungi. Worldwide it has proven to be effective on over 600 pests.

As it is an oil, it can also be used as a fungicide. Absolute Neem Oil does not destroy predators that are beneficial to the plant. Absolute Neem Oil promotes inter pollination of plants as it is harmless to Honey Bees, Mammals, Fish, Birds & other vertebrates. Absolute Neem Oil is beneficial for the soil and earthworm development. Neem has been used extensively to revitalize & restore nutrients in the soil. It is effective against nematodes & other harmful organisms that live in soil and can be used as a soil drench.

There are too many modes of action to mention. However here are a few:

  • Anti-feedant
  • Ecdysterone (hormone) disrupter
  • Growth inhibitor
  • Oviposition deterant (Egg laying)
  • Repellent
  • Systemic
  • Translaminar
  • Egg sterility
  • Inhibition of Chitin Biosynthesis
  • Disruption of mating signals
  • Antisporulant and Fungistatic
  • Larvae cannot develop
  • Insect suffocation
anti feedant

The first mode of action is anti feedant. Once the non-beneficial ingests Neem oil, it will stop feeding and die of either starvation or old age, thereby stopping your crop from being further damaged or poisoned.

hormonal balance

Absolute Neem oil disrupts the hormonal balance, thereby stopping the breeding cycle.

metamorphosis cycle

Absolute Neem oil disrupts the metamorphosis cycle, thereby breaking down cycles once again.

Together all of the above breaks down the immune system of the non-beneficial which allows contact sprays to have increased efficacy. Below are some of the reports of the benefits received over the last 13 years from various farmers throughout S.A using Absolute Neem:

1) Since using it they have been able to go over to using softer and fewer chemicals in their spray program, this has also resulted in a drastic reduction in costs

2) Clients using Absolute Neem have control over a wider range of non-beneficial insects

3) All of the above has resulted in clients enjoying an increased yield and healthier plants.

Our suppliers have both European and USA organic registrations. Pure, unadulterated, cold pressed Neem oil is recognized by both as being fit for organic purposes.