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Focussing on complete natural, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable & environmentally friendly products to build healthy soil’s and plants naturally.

Effective Micro-organisms

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Plant Energy Products

CCM, Complex Calsus, Complex Calsul and Complex Super Ca are the new exciting products to help farmers manage plant energy.

Composters & Compos Tea

We supply high-quality compost and a unique blend of food source for your microbes helping you build your own compost tea system.

Meal Powder & Rockdust

Organic matter should still be the focus, but it’s usually not enough on its own for optimal health. Products can greatly help bring blaance.

Neem oil insecticide & fungicide

Absolute Neem Oil enhances the effectiveness of other insecticides and reduces the environmental load.

Plant Energy Management

Our key focus area

The many benefits of biostimulants seem to partially result from their influence on hormonal activity in plants and probably microbes. Hormones control how a plant grows. Biostimulants can also supply a lot of intioxidants that help plants deal with stressors such as drought and heat. Plants with high levels of antioxidants are much healthier, for their own sake, and healthier for us when we eat them Biostimulants bring many different benefits to the garden.

They can increase photosynthesis and respiration in plants, increase yields, and increase brix and nutrition in food, making it taste better and store longer. Depending on conditions, they have a bigger effect at sometimes than at others. They almost always have a bigger effect when used regularly, rather than just once or twice. Growth stimulation is usually best after four to six weeks of treatment, so it’s good to start at the beginning of the season.

Soil-life governs production

it’s a basic statement and a simple fact, but it remains the most difficult concept for many growers to wrap their heads around. Modern agriculture is now three generations into a chemical experiment, which has ignored the critical importance of soil-life. A host of man-made chemicals have replaced many of the proven, time-honoured, soil-feeding practices, which previously had sustained our soils for centuries (Graeme Sait) We are at war with nature, utilising an ever-increasing armoury of chemical weapons to batter our ‘foes’ into submission. However, this is an unwinnable war. It cannot be won, because we do not understand the enemy. We frantically struggle to sanitise and subdue a natural system without understanding how that system works. We have failed to grasp the fact that insect and disease pressure are ‘symptoms’ of other problems.

If we accept that ‘soil-life governs production’, then it becomes blatantly obvious that we must work with nature rather than against her. When we apply minerals in a balanced form in the soil, it is not solely for the sake of the plant. A minerally balanced soil determines the efficiency of the five billion microorganisms, which inhabit every teaspoon of healthy soil. Disease protection, nutrient uptake, available nitrogen supply and mineral stability are all functions of an efficient microbial workforce. Every management decision will have an impact on this precious soil-life. In this context, the critical question, “Does nature approve?”, can become a simple guideline in the evaluation of any proposed action.

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